Top 20 Hidden Things To Do In London

These off-the-beaten-track treasures won’t stay secret for long, so get exploring!

Below, you’ll find historic corners of London, hidden-away art and antiquities, curiosities and beautiful buildings that don’t appear on traditional tourist itineraries for London attractions. The best thing? Most of them are free to visit.

1. Jack The Ripper Museum

Spread over six floors of a Victorian house in Whitechapel, the Jack the Ripper Museum tells the story of the infamous killer through books, films, and artifacts. Try to solve the murder mysteries as you work your way through, with clues and crime scene boards to guide you along the way. Book Jack the Ripper Museum tickets now

2. Little Venice

Just as its name suggests, Little Venice is London’s answer to the famous Italian city. Home to various waterside cafes, pubs and restaurants, the area comes alive in the summer months as Londoners jump on canal boats or walk along the riverside to nearby Camden or Regent’s Park.